Revolution Blues .mp3
....missed the intro, but...oh yeah!!
Mr. Soul .mp3
....1st song sets the tone for the rest of the night... on fire!
Cowgirl in the sand .mov
....we miss the change every time, but I am so in my elephant!
Cinnamon Girl .mov
...our theme song!...and a cinnamon roll food fight!
...who'd a thunk? ...better than I thought!

the sound on the movies sucks. I'm working on it.
.....more files to come soon!

Sat, Sept 14, 2002
The Eagle Tavern's 5th anniversary party

Doug Hilsinger - gtr, vox
Patrock Goodwin - gtr, vox
Victor Krummenacher - bass, vox
Bruce Ducheneaux - skins, hair
Jon Auer (of the Posies) - gtr, vox
Thee Greg Dale - vox, dancing, wild party time antics
Christopher Mika - vox, standing there

2nd set:
18 the losing end
19 powderfinger
20 ohio
21 the loner
22 don't let it bring you down
23 dont be denied
24 helpless
25 cowgirl in the sand
26 alabama
27 southern man
28 harvest
29 cortez the killer
30 sedan delivery
31 cinnamon girl
32 hey hey my my
33 like a hurricane
34 rockin in the free world

1st set:
1 mr soul
2 don't cry no tears
3 winterlong
4 down by the river
5 I believe in you
6 too far gone
7 pocahontas
8 I'm the ocean
9 words
10 a man needs a maid
11 philadelphia
12 heart of gold
13 revolution blues
14 homegrown
15 for the turnstyles
16 fuckin up
17 when you dance