played instrumental, progressive, heavy, haunting, film soundtrack rock. Perhaps the best example of my live guitar playing, and some of my most favorite pieces ever. These songs earned me the title of 'The Gutter Stravinsky'. Anyone interested in my music should check this stuff out. 'Messenger Sends' - Essential listening.

Doug Hilsinger

Dana Schechter

Jef Whitehead

San Francisco, 1991-1996
we formed in '91, broke up in '93, got back together for another recording and a few shows in '95/'96

you must listen to all this music at least once

all songs @ 128 mbs mp3

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"8" - the 2nd, unreleased cd (very special)
recorded 1996 @ art damage by Jeff Mann. mixed by Jeff and Doug
1. Bicycle Smiler
2. Messenger Sends !!
3. Lookaway Popeye
4. Backseat Opera
5. No Kill I
6. O'er Eeore
7. I.B.T.D.2
8. Lullab'bye
"first words" - the first one (started it all)
on PieceOfMind records, #101
recorded 92/93 @ Polymorph, Oakland / Live at Kommotion Int'l, SF
by David Immergluck / Jeff Mann.

1. Onrush
2. Tanbark
3. Humper
4. Stripper
5. Punctuer/Increaser
6. So, Beth
7. Asphyxiofile
8. Conductor
9. Monster Speaks
10. Baby Dog
11. Jaywalker
12. Pretty Song
13. Momb
14. Bonded
15. Itty Bitty Titty Ditty