on 9/4/94, Roger Water's 50th birthday , we played a 9 song madley of Pink Floyd songs. The show was at Komotion Int'l, SF (r.i.p.), and included a custom lightshow of Mr Dean blowing cigarette smoke and waving a flashlight around in it. cool. We opened for GIFTHORSE and SUBLIME.

featuring members of BOMB, GIFTHORSE, HELIOS CREED, and M-FAKTER,
the band was:
Doug Hilsinger (lead gtr, bg vox)
Michael Dean (lead vox, rythm gtr)
Bean (bass, bg vox)
Chris McKay (keys)
Paul Delle Pelle (drums)
Jeff Mann engineered the recording live to dat.

LISTEN TO IT!!! (22:40 mins, 20.8 mbs, 128 kbps mp3)