30th Anniversary Remake of Brian Eno’s 1974 classic!!

Doug Hilsinger with Caroleen Beatty
“Brian Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)”


With big ol' buckets full of love and respect for the original album, Doug Hilsinger and Caroleen Beatty have created a faithful, organic, and rocking re-imagining of every song from Brian Eno's 1974 experimental masterpiece, 'Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy)'.

Recorded for their own personal enjoyment, entirely in their practice space and Doug's bedroom, the 10 classic songs on this CD are a rich, inviting and fun return to the wonderfully skewed pop/rock/vocal side of Eno's seminal earlier work. Thanks to Beatty's soulful voice, combined with Hilsinger's colorful production (he plays all the instruments himself, using no synths or samplers), the somewhat cold, odd feeling of the original has been infused with a real warmth and passion. As a result, the songs sound joyfully fresh, making this dynamic tribute an especially exciting listen for any Brian Eno fan, and an enjoyable musical experience overall.

Doug and Caroleen's CD cover features artwork from the same Chairman Mao era postcard that Eno purchased in San Francisco’s Chinatown, while on tour in 1972. This card inspired his album title and many of the songs on it. By chance, when they had just finished tracking the album in November 2003, Eno happened to be in San Francisco giving a lecture. Doug approached him and put a CD-R of rough mixes in his hand, surprising everyone, most of all Eno himself. He was blown away by this "tribute" and its inspired approach, and soon after phoned Doug to express his delight with the cd, saying “I am deeply moved by your versions of my songs... I like it very, very much!” Eno thanked him for making “beautiful music” out of his “old experiments”, and also agreed to write liner notes for this new cd.

Although it wasn't planned this way, releasing this cd in 2004 makes it a bit of a 30th anniversary tribute. It happens to be coming out simultaneously with the re-release of Eno’s original album in a remastered digipack.

Producer/Multi-instrumentalist Doug Hilsinger was a member of BOMB in the early 90's, whose Bill Laswell produced album was released on Reprise/Warner Brothers. Along with Caroleen, Doug is currently a member of San Francisco indie rock stalwarts WAYCROSS. He also performs in the acoustic/vocal quartet The Hall Flowers, and plays in, records, and produces other combos and SF based rock groups, as well.

Folk rock vocalist/chanteuse Caroleen Beatty
is the front person for WAYCROSS. In a previous life (late 80's/early 90's) she led San Francisco folk-punk outfit The Bedlam Rovers through several LPs, some European tours and various collaborations with Jon Langford of the Mekons. You may have also heard her voice on last year's Gary Floyd & Mushroom CD of 1960's and 70's soul/rock covers.

So far, unlike so many other influential legends of rock, Brian Eno cover songs and tributes have not been done to death, much less has a complete original album been covered from start to finish with a female singer, and one man playing all the instruments in a rock band format. It's a punchier, higher energy version of Eno's obscure, highly influential classic album. Read Eno and Doug's notes for a more complete picture of the story, and hey, by all means – play the CD….you’ll be glad you took the time to listen.

check out their webstuff at : http://www.saucefaucet.com/tiger.html and www.unitedmeat.com
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